A conversation in lilies

The Lilies for Oscar Wilde project is an art installation born out of a conversation between the artists and makers of Reading and Oscar Wilde. A conversation in lilies, one of Wilde’s favourite flowers. It is a conversation in aesthetic forms, and ideas. Each work is a search for deeper connections with Wilde’s plays, essays and with his experiences. This is the first time so many of the artists and makers living and working in Reading have all come together to make this collaborative work so it is very exciting and sets a precedent for future projects. Some are long-term residents of Reading, others born and bred here, and many have come here from around the globe to live and work here and make Reading their home. This is a truly multi-cultural and international town that is going places. There are over 80 flowers – a stunning tribute to Oscar. I think he would be moved and delighted. Visitors to the Lilies For Oscar Wilde installation this Autumn at Reading Museum will be intrigued and uplifted by the textures and complex layers of meanings behind each flower, and by how each artist and maker has engaged with Oscar Wilde, his life or his work. The personal stories and journeys of making behind each flower will be being revealed here on this blog and at LiliesForOscarWilde hashtags on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

introductory thoughts from Salma Caller

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