Cath Baldwin - giving words new meaning

I was first introduced to the writings of Oscar Wilde in my teens by an English teacher at my secondary school who, cleverly, told me that the singer of the band I was currently obsessing over was heavily influenced by Wilde's writings. He then lent me various plays, which I read discovering for myself the delightful wit and humour contained within. A love of Wilde has stayed with me and obviously the sad link to my hometown of Reading has underpinned this. The opportunity to create a lily to pay homage to Wilde was enormously appealing and I have endeavoured to make something not only beautiful but that also has a slightly wicked and entertaining side. I have worked with recycled materials and in particular pages from an old book of children's verse, the idea of working new meaning into old appealed, much like giving words new meaning by altering the order in which they are read.

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